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We are a Trusted Name in the Auto Industry

We have been servicing our people for more than 30 years in the motor industry,we pride ourselves with all facets of your motoring needs, We are the industry leaders in our area and we proud ourselves in service delivery. *we are here to polish our clients shoes* Building a long term relationship with our clients is our strong point. Our pride goes into serving our clients: the diy client, workshops, the man on the street, self employed mechanics and corporate companies. We are here for you and your vehicle.

  • 10 Years in Business
    Our track record of quality automotive products and services has earned us a loyal client base of mechanical engineers, auto-spares retailers and car owners who are located all over Southern Africa, Namibia, Swaziland and Botswana.
  • Performance Parts
    If you’re looking for performance parts, spare parts, aftermarket parts or car accessories then AutoZone is your one-stop-shop offering the best range of quality products. In addition to our acclaimed own brands, we also stock a number of major brand products.
  • Auto Parts
    We’ve got auto parts, spares and car accessories for almost any and every make or model. Put us to the test, we have the parts for most cars, trucks and vans. Our stock of quality parts includes brake pads, shocks, gaskets, gearboxes, engine parts, oil pumps and other heavy duty parts catering for passenger and light commercial vehicle markets.

AutoZone Team

We are here for you and your vehicle.